Implemented Jobs


Several jobs are already implementation and may be used for creating new workflows. Each job being a node in the workflow DAG, the documentation below tells:

  • what are the parameters at runtime (set by the command line interface)
  • what inputs are expected from the parent nodes
  • what outputs are produced


The jobs fall into the following categories:

  • user interaction: this is meanly for user selection of image parts. This category is covered by the select_polygon module.
  • slide processing: the functionality is covered by the module extract_slide_clip
  • video content creation: those type of jobs create objects suitable for MoviePy as inputs. Some utility classes/functions are also provided in the dummy_clip module.
  • metadata management: jobs that are able to provide the workflow with meta data that will be used to eg. describe the video, add content (introduction, epilog images), etc. Located in the module meta
  • audio processing: jobs that process the audio part. See audio_mixer